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February 15 2010

Woolloomooloo Integrated Service Hub (WISH)
Monthly Events

  • March 15 2010

  • April 12 2010

  • May 17 2010

  • June 21 2010

  • July 19 2010

  • August 16 2010

  • September 13 2010

  • October 25 2010

  • November 22 2010


what is the WISH?

The Woolloomooloo Integrated Service Hub (WISH) is a new initiative in Sydney with the first event held in November 2009. The WISH is a monthly 'one-stop-shop' event that upholds the goals of homeless connect by bringing a range of services together in one space at the same time with the objective of connecting vulnerable people to essential services in a respectful and welcoming environment. Above all, the goal of the WISH is to provide solid outcomes on the day and to contribute towards an end to homelessness in the inner-city.
The WISH is characterised by the principles of:

  • Immediacy: integration of needed services (as identified by the patrons themselves) in the same physical space with a focus on: providing outcomes on the day and reducing the need for follow up later; opportunities for early intervention and prevention and; quick and holistic responses to needs identified.

  • Community connection: The WISH is a collaborative initiative between community and government services, private, corporate and philanthropic partners and people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. In addition to achieving solid and measurable outcomes, the WISH aims to engender shared responsibility and accountability for meeting the needs of vulnerable people in Woolloomooloo and the inner-city whilst also increasing overall harmony and inclusiveness within the Woolloomooloo community through shared involvement, responsibility and common goals.

  • Respect and Hospitality: the WISH provides a welcoming and supportive environment for vulnerable people to connect with their current and future communities. It provides opportunities for self empowerment, inclusion and pathways out of homelessness.

  • Locally specific and dynamic: The WISH has been designed specifically for the community within which it is located and is adaptable to changing and newly identified needs and each event is conducted to advance local goals and individual needs.

services available at the WISH?

  • Health and allied health services such as; physical check ups; access to detoxification beds; podiatry appointments; mental health support and advice.

  • Housing and tenancy support services such as; opportunities to submit housing applications or check on status of current applications; access to tenancy support services; referrals to living skills programs; problem mediation.

  • Social security assistance including opportunities to meet with Centrelink staff to resolve issues, ask questions, submit forms, query decisions etc.

  • Gambling Counselling

  • Assistance with ID

  • Education and employment services including opportunities to discuss outreach courses available, links to employment opportunities and employment support; employment advice.

  • Legal advice and advocacy on a range of issues

  • Hospitality

The WISH event is in the very early stages of what will be an ongoing process of development and improvement. We are constantly looking to partners and patrons to provide us with feedback that will strengthen our efforts to increase the value and diversity of services provided on the day and the satisfaction levels of the people who participate.

The WISH is resourced through partnerships that share a common goal. The WISH has no dedicated funding source. Its strength lies in the shared efforts and combined resources of those who participate and contribute in many different ways.

current partners in the WISH

The City of Sydney wishes to acknowledge and thank our current partners in the WISH; Housing NSW; Centrelink; Matthew Talbot Homelessness Services; St Vincent’s Public Hospital; Homeless Persons Legal Service; Inner-City Homeless Outreach and Support Service; Hope Street; CentaCare; Mission Australia; Max Employment.