homeless connect - perth

Wednesday 16 November 2011 at Russell Square and the Hellenic Community Centre, Parker Street, Northbridge.

what is homeless connect?

The Homeless Connect Perth project is about providing a “one stop shop” of services to homeless persons or those at risk of homelessness by bringing together community groups, businesses and the three tiers of Government to provide services for a day.
Homeless Connect Perth is part of the national rollout of Homeless Connect events across Australian capital cities and regional centres. The CCCLM (Council of Capital Cities Lord Mayors) established Homeless Connect Australia to provide homeless individuals with a step on the path out of homelessness.

The City of Perth in partnership with Volunteering WA has now organised 3 homeless connect projects since November 2008.

what we achieved from our last event

The third Homeless Connect Perth event implemented with service support from Volunteering WA was held on Wednesday 17 November 2010 at Russell Square and the Hellenic Community Centre, Parker Street, Northbridge.

The event attracted an estimated 600 homeless and otherwise disadvantaged guests that were able to connect with a wide range of service providers in a “one stop shop” environment offering assistance with housing, medical and dental issues, legal issues, mental health and addiction issues, employment, recreation opportunities, identification issues, electoral enrolment and other services.

Personal care services were also offered including showers, haircuts, massage, clothes, craft activities, physical training, book giveaway, entertainment and catering (meals and refreshments were provided through the day). Sixty eight service providers from government, not-for-profit sector, business and individuals set up the successful “one stop shop” of services with the support of 150 volunteers on the day.

summary of the highlights from the 2010 event

  • Over 600 persons who were homeless, without secure accommodation or at risk of being homeless attended the day.

  • Around 15% of all guests were Indigenous.

  • Sixty eight service providers with approximately 200 service provider staff set up a “one stop shop” to provide assistance and support to homeless people attending the event.

  • The service providers included Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies, community homelessness support and accommodation agencies, community health agencies, legal and health practitioners, businesses, professional associations and education and art groups.

  • It was estimated that over 3,000 instances of support were provided to individual guests.
    150 volunteers welcomed and supported the Homeless Connect guests on the day with another 65 volunteers assisted with the pre event activities including collecting and sorting donated items.

Homeless Connect events provide a unique opportunity for the community to participate in offering assistance to people experiencing homelessness.