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homeless connect - hobart

Thursday October 14th, 2010 - Hobart City Hall


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Homeless Connect Hobart was a one day community event held on 14 October 2009 from 9.00am until 2.00pm in the Hobart City Hall. It was aimed at fostering social inclusion, where the Council, relevant State Government agencies, businesses, service providers and community organisations provided free services to the people experiencing homelessness in the city.

The event utilised volunteers as ‘welcomers’ to the guests at the event. Volunteers were sourced from the community as well as Council staff and all of them found the event a positive experience.

The role of services at the event was to connect guests with the service they provided. There were 40 different services participating on the day, including accommodation and medical services, massage, haircuts, local councils and legal advice. Many services indicated that the opportunity to network with others was an added benefit of the event.

More than 150 guests attended Homeless Connect Hobart on the day, which was more than expected for this first time event. The feedback from guests was very positive, with many indicating the access to a variety of services was its greatest strength. A number of the guests also made appointments to attend services they had not previously accessed.




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