Be Involved

An initiative of CCCLM

Are you homeless and needing  shelter, support  or  medical help? Wherever you are, help is  available.

Whether money, goods or services,  your donation will make a difference.  

Every Homeless Connect event relies on volunteers willing to give their time, help  and skills    to help  our homeless.

homeless connect australia

Homeless Connect Australia provides a unique opportunity for the community to participate in offering assistance to people experiencing homelessness.

Homeless Connect Australia aims to provide homeless individuals with a step on the path out of homelessness.

Homeless Connect Australia is an initiative of The Council of Capital City Lord Mayors. Cities, towns and communities are welcome to join this program and work to helping the homeless take a step on the path out of homelessness.

Homeless Connect is characterised by:

  • Hospitality - providing a safe and welcoming environment for the homeless individual
  • Immediacy - direct services provided to the homeless individual on the day of the event
  • Community connection - large-scale involvement of community and corporate volunteers

our mission

  • Improve access to services and housing for homeless
  • Engage and increase the collaborative involvement of homeless consumers, business, non-profit community, and individual volunteers to work together to create solutions to homelessness
  • To improve the system of care by creating opportunities for collaboration and sharing of best practices among homeless service providers and community
  • Leverage private, corporate and foundation money and in-kind support to augment city efforts to increase housing options and build service capacity for homeless
  • Homeless Christmas - Raise money to fund Homeless Christmas initiatives, garner public interest and raise awareness, encouraging communal efforts towards making homeless people feel less isolated with Xmas gifts


video - homeless connect darwin april 2010


video - homeless connect adelaide